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Nankang introduces the new tyre WF-2 SPORTIAC to expand the coverage for two- wheel vehicle market. After researching and testing for two years, the new WF-2 stands out with high performance in grip within every kind of road conditions. A new riding experience is going to explode! Specially designed for superior sport touring motorcycle, WF-2 SPORTIAC emphasizes on enhancing gripping and stability from the new compound. 

The whole tyre can be warmer in shorter time because of the semi-slick compound. With JLSB technology, WF-2 SPORTIAC is easier to reach and keep in working temperature and makes the whole tyre staying in optimal situation. The characteristics in different parts are effectively strengthened through the new compound and unique profile design. Central part improves tyre wear and enhances longer mileage, and at the same time, shoulder part provides amazing corning grip based on the softer compound. The straight on central and wider groove on shoulder ensures the drainage efficiency, stability and corning gripping in high- lean angle. 

WF-2 SPORTIAC is perfect for different road conditions.
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